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The Most Realistic Life-size Goat Tying Dummy


  • Realistic legs anatomically correct for tying
  • The only goat that's comfortable to sit on
  • Comfortable and natural flank grip
  • Stands alone on tethered rope
  • Tough, durable and long lasting
  • Life-size rubberized foam material goat
  • Portable, haul anywhere
  • No feeding or watering
  • Store inside or outside
  • Train your horse
  • approximately 16 lbs

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Dimensions: top of back 22" x 5.5" wide x 28" long.


Are you practicing to win?


Why not use a realistic training tool that mimics a real goat?


The Tuf Goat stands alone, has legs which are anatomically correct when tying, is comfortable to sit on and you can stand it up and tether it in the arena while practicing and training your horse.


It stands approximately 22 inches tall and weighs about 16 pounds. The legs and body are made of Flexi-Foam durable rubber for comfortable sit and realistic tie.


Run endless repetitive perfect runs and practice with the most realistic goat on the market!


Endorses by - Jackie Hobbs Crawford

Undeniably one of the greatest women ropers of all time, Jackie Crawford has 14 World Titles to her name as well as numerous other accolades. Her passion for teaching led to recognition as a renowned clinician, and she is acknowledged as one of the greatest horsemen in the business


(Ground Training System)


The First Anatomically Correct Calf Roping Ground dummy that feels and ropes like the real thing!


GTS is the new Elite Top of the Line calf roping ground dummy from SS Roping,llc, that replicates the actual look and feel of a live calf run. The head and neck are anatomically correct, causing you to rope exactly like you would as if roping a live calf in the arena.


We made it portable with a handy handle, weather resistant, durable, and long lasting using the same exclusive Flexi-Foam rubber as the Tuf Kaf and Tuf Goat.


This rubber-like material gives you that same realistic feel as you would on a live calf. Visual muscle memory is a big and vital part of your practice. You need to practice on what you are going to see and feel. GTS has the same head angle as a running calf.


It not only looks like a real calf but, this will help you practice getting your tip down.


It has a solid roping platform, so it won't tip or slide when pulling your slack. Weight is approximately 47 lbs. It is portable and hayrack friendly.


Designed for: Calf Ropers, Breakaway Ropers, Rippon Ropers


You want to practice on what you will visualize on a rodeo run. It helps you to practice to throw your tip down, without dropping your elbow.


  • ORIGINAL Tuf Kaf  Flexi-Foam rubber
  • Realistic Look: anatomically correct
  • Realistic rope action
  • Durable, long lasting, & weather resistant
  • Solid roping platform: won't tip or slide
  • when roping or pulling slack
  • Weight: approx. 47 lbs: won't blow away
  • Portable: hay rack friendly
  • Correct head angle: running calf
  • Visualize a live calf every time you rope it
  • Same realistic feel as a live roping calf



  • 22" Tall x 45" Long
  • 12.5" Nose to ground
  • Weight : Approx. 47 LBS


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Calf Roping Dummies Team Roping Dummies



Joe Beaver states:

“This dummy makes roping easy. "

"It may look a little funny, but this is the best roping dummy for calves they’ve made yet.

NEX CALF Roping Dummy


Eight-time world champion Joe Beaver has teamed up with Heel-O-Matic Training Systems to design and produce a premiere calf roping dummy available in December 2012. Joe’s philosophy has long been that you’ve got to rope the neck to win. This best-in-class dummy combines many state-of-the-art features to help ropers practice perfectly and win. Best For: Calf ropers, breakaway ropers and dally ribbon ropers

The Nex is durable, weather-resistant, maintenance free, and comes with a full year warranty


Key Feature: State-of-the-art mobile calf roping dummy.


  • State-of-the-art mobile calf roping dummy.
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Made of a hide-like material that won’t let your rope slide.
  • Long neck ensures you’ll practice roping the neck and make your curl kick back up.
  • Angle of the head ensures you’ll keep your tip down.
  • Sturdy, wide base ensures the Nex won’t tip, slip or slide.


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Calf Roping Dummy


Expose Your Bad Habits! Isolate and eliminate them! Learn the correct techniques and rope off the ground as you would on horse back. This is no ordinary "Roping Dummy" every part of its design is innovative and will help you be a better roper! Now you can practice on ground as you would on horseback, be warmed up and ready to go!


Heelers, no more unrealistic angles, poor deliveries like allowed on a saw horse. Deliver a loop like you would on live cattle however, if you start off with a poor delivery the "RopeSmart Steer" will expose them and allow you to correct your mistakes.


Key Feature: State-of-the-art mobile calf roping dummy.


  • Head Removes and is stored in body
  • Head Rotates
  • Multiple Horn Lengths
  • Removable Blocker Post
  • Head and Heel,
  • Collapsible Legs
  • Rope Storage On Sides

Standard with STEER HEAD

Optional Extra - CALF HEAD


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  • Tough & durable solid Flexi-foam rubber
  • Four ball and socket joints with realistic movement with ligament-like springs  (PATENTED)
  • Great rope action with texture on body
  • Life size (85 lbs)
  • Bending knee joints are made of solid steel
  • Anatomically correct legs and body
  • Makes you Tie it correctly
  • Allows no shortcuts
  • Comfortable to Sit on


A Complete Calf Roping Training System

  • Breakaway roping
  • Horse training: keep your horse rating, stopping, & working the rope
  • Tie down roping: a controlled safer atmosphere
  • Train young horses
  • Tune up seasoned calf horses
  • Ground roping dummy


  • Pull with an ATV or a horse
  • Safe, durable, and long lasting
  • Only dummy you can practice tying two front and a hind leg
  • Durable Flexi-Foam Rubber (patented) for great rope action and comfortable to sit on when gathering and tying
  • Only Dummy you can ground rope, tie-down rope, breakaway, tune up horses and work on fundamentals
  • Tie right or left handed
  • Portable: total weight (185 lbs)
  • Fits in the back of most pickup trucks



  • Get offs
  • Rating your horse
  • Left hand
  • Horsemanship
  • Swing
  • Pitching slack
  • Scoring
  • Roping
  • Flanking
  • Ride in perfect position
  • Keeping your horse working the rope


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Bringing total cattle control to the arena...

 The Perfect Calf allows you to always have the perfect roping calf you

need to accomplish your goals for each and every practice session.

Perfect Calf Training:

•Indoor/outdoor use

•No arena required

•Control and manage speed

•Train horses and ropers

•Practice slow for perfection

•All level of ropers can benefit

•Practice fundamentals

•Perfect for schools or clinics

•Can be used for breakaway practice

Perfect Calf Benefits:

•Only Tie Down Machine that stays in an upright position

•Learn to rope, flank, tie and train your horse

•Replace live calves

•Pulled by horse, 4-wheeler or other means

•Can be used in a stationary position

Perfect Calf Features:

•Free standing

•Sturdy and long-lasting

•All parts are replaceable


Team Roping Dummy


Having competed in the sport of Tie Down Roping and enjoyed training calf horses, I set out on a quest to build a calf roping machine that would mimic the action of a live calf , by where you place and hold your slack after the calf is roped. The Perfect Calf allows you to do just that


Perfect Calf allows you to always have the calf you need to accomplish your goals for each and every practice session. Whether it is the roper, or the horse, there always seem to come a point where you know you could get to that next step, if you could just slow the run down, or maybe have a faster calf, or have that calf run to that same spot, now you can with Perfect Calf.




  • Placing your horse in the correct position every time will help your horse learn to run to that spot
  • Roping the calf around the neck and pulling your slack sharp makes for a clean neck, an important step in switching.
  • Learning to place you slack on either side of the calf's neck causes the hondo to be placed on that side of the neck above the point of the shoulder. This gives you an advantage and leverage
  • Letting rope slide through your hand until you are out in your stirrup will help you keep your balance
  • Taking hold of the rope when you're in the correct position starts the calf around
  • Block and reach across the calf's back
  • Lift on the head and flank


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